Waverley Falcons Award Winners


CMBC wish to congratulate all our Piranha’s players who received Falcons awards at the recent presentation day.

12.1 Boys       Best Team Man                Jake La’brooy
12.2 Boys       Most Valuable Player        Sam Hume
12.3 Boys       Most Improved Player      Joseph Godwin
12.4 Boys       Most Improved Player      Lachlan Kerr
14.1 Boys       Most Valuable Player       David Djukic
14.1 Boys       Best Team Man               Ryan Mathews
14.2 Boys       Most Valuable Player       Ben Dorevitch
14.2 Boys       Best Defensive Player     Ben Richter
14.3 Boys       Best Offensive Player      Thomas Boyd
14.3 Boys       Best Defensive Player     Austin Saba
16.1 Boys       Most Valuable Player       Sam Dorevitch
16.1 Boys       Coach Award                   Alex McLeod
16.3 Boys       Most Valuable Player       Alexander Stonier-Watson
16.3 Boys       Most Valuable Player       Chris Harris
16.3 Boys       Most Improved Player      Barnabus Obai
16.6 Boys       Most Valuable Player       Charlie Glasser
16.3 Girls        Most Valuable Player       Rhaegan Hildebrand-Wise
16.4 Girls        Most Valuable Player       Emily Walton
18.3 Boys       Coach Award                   Mitch Pollard
18.5 Boys       Most Improved Player      Jackson Batchelor
18.5 Boys       Coach Award                   Mitchell Hockley

The Waverley Falcon’s is the representative arm of the Waverley Basketball Association for male and female players competing in the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL).