President’s Report 2017

Hello to all Club Members in 2017, to those continuing on from a successful Winter season for the Club and especially to new players for summer 2071/18. The club is in good health on and off the court. For the upcoming summer season we have 580 players and over 70 teams, a strong increase over participation in Winter. Basketball has been growing strongly in Victoria for some time, however in 2017 player registrations have soared. This appears to be as a result of the strong net migration into Melbourne over the past few years. Pressure is seen on many facets of Melbourne life, children’s sport just one example. A direct consequence for Waverley domestic basketball clubs has been the move to schedule some Under 8 and Under 14 games from Saturday to Sunday afternoon, just prior to Under 16 and Under 18 games. You may be interested to know that it wasn’t too long ago that all age level games were played on a Saturday. Gradually the Sunday time schedules have been necessary to cope with the sports growth in our immediate region.  Waverley Basketball Association is actively seeking additional court space and I am pleased to report that there are some large solutions in the pipeline, hopefully delivered in 2019.

Administrators of the game at all levels are under increasing pressure to cope with basketballs growth. Perhaps it is felt most on community clubs such as the Piranhas, where all facets of our volunteer administration feel the strain to maintain full functionality and standards. Further, costs are rising as follows:

  • an increase in scoresheet fees at Waverley by $5.00 per game,
  • an increase in cost of training venues,
  • a potential move to becoming a GST paying entity given club growth moves the clubs revenues above the GST free threshold. The club will absorb the GST as we are able to offset against GST paid on expenses, however there is a small net cost to the Club, and;
  • a future move to pay administration staff to cope with the increase in the day to day functions of such a large club.


Financially the club is in a good position however to maintain a balanced budget as a result of the aforementioned cost increases, I move at this AGM to increase club season fees from $220 to $240 per player per season.

With club growth also comes more requirements. For example;

  • organising more coaches, more coaching sessions and coaching development programs.
  • organising and maintaining club merchandise.
  • an increase in liaising with other participants in the sport especially Waverley Basketball Association.
  • communication – more is required with more teams on a large and growing range of levels.
  • fulfilling the Government child safety requirements, new in 2017.

Your committee is working hard on all these topics. As always we welcome club members to join the committee or provide an area of expertise to help with clubs functions. I welcome tonight a new nomination to the committee for Patrick Kennedy.

At this point I would like to thank all committee members for their tireless efforts in 2017 and a special note to two retiring committee members, Pat Doherty and Georgina Walton, for their huge efforts on committee matters and various club functions over many, many years. Pat Doherty, our club founder, is not retiring from the club but will concentrate more on his great love, coaching basketball. Pat has for over 50 years been involved in helping the youth of Melbourne, much of this introducing boys to the benefit of sport, in particular basketball. He continues to be very active in several communities to promote basketball to boys and girls. We look forward to his “off-committee” involvement in the club for many years to come. Georgina Walton has been one of the great “doers” in our club for many years. What you see today of our website and communications, so easily taken for granted now as standard fare, has been the amazing work of Georgina, almost from scratch, as well as the numerous updates and developments on almost a daily basis. We will very much miss Georgina’s IT expertise, continual willingness to help on a range of club functions and grounded contribution to committee discussions. I am proud to present Georgina as a life member of the club.  Thank you also to our uniform coordinator Sophie Carkeek who many of your would have had contact with in getting that new uniform or the extra pair of shorts. We also have many parents and families in the club who provide support to get our teams on the court week in-week out. Thank you and I hope you all have a restful summer and a safe and wonderful festive season.

Finally to all players, enjoy the upcoming  summer season, play in good spirit and remember –

Go Piranhas!

Mike Saba