For the Winter Competition, new members should register in February and for the Summer Competition in August. However new members are welcomed at any time during the year, and our Club is committed to placing new members in teams at any time depending on vacancies.  New members are always welcome to attend training until placed.

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By completion of the Membership Form and payment of the Membership Subscription. The Membership Subscription is payable at the start of each domestic competition.
Pro-rata fees apply for players joining during the season.  Completion of the membership procedure is expected within four weeks of commencing playing in a Club Team.

Club Charges
The Junior Membership Subscription including one Association Subscription is $240.00 per player per season.
A notice to pay the Junior Membership Subscription is distributed at the commencement of each domestic competition and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that it is paid on time.
The Membership Subscription finances payment of team entry fees, scoreheet payments, insurance, rental of training courts, purchase of equipment, functions and administration costs.