Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the Applicant for membership of the Caulfield Malvern Basketball Club (“the Club”) and the Applicant’s parents or guardian if the Applicant is under 18:

  1. I agree to abide by the Rules and Policies of the Club and the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct in relation to Players, Coaches, Parents and Spectators.
  2. I will not hold the Club liable for any accident or injury which may occur. In the event of any illness or incident where it is impracticable to communicate with me, I authorise a representative of the Club obtaining such medical or other assistance as I may require. This may include the request for specialised services, such as Ambulance, for which I agree to pay all associated costs.
  3. I agree to pay the Membership Subscription as set or pro-rata or agreed amounts which may apply, and venue charges where applicable.
  4. I acknowledge that information collected by the Club is used for player registration, competition purposes, general management of the Club and communication purposes including the sharing of team member contact information.
  5. I grant permission for the use of my image to be published in any Club publication and/or on our Club’s website and/or on our Club’s social media sites.
  6. I agree to provide Proof of Age or Identity Documents on request.
  7. I agree that I am only entitled to wear the Caulfield Malvern Basketball Club’s uniform in teams representing the Caulfield Malvern Basketball Club unless written permission is granted by the Club Manager.  The Club’s preference is for uniforms to be returned to the Club when they are no longer required.
  8. I agree to return in good condition or replace items of Club property loaned by the Club to me.
  9. I agree to assist the team manager with scoring when rostered and other tasks as requested.