Conduct of Players, Coaches and Spectators

family basketball handbook All Club Officials, Coaches, Players and Parents are expected to observe the Codes of Conduct published by Basketball Victoria.  Emphasis is placed on teaching basketball skills and on developing social values and sportsmanship through playing competitive sport.

Basketball Victoria have also produced a handbook to assist families to better understand the game.  The handbook explains some of the basic rules, development programs and participant pathways.

Basketball Victoria – Family Basketball Handbook

In-conjunction with the handbook, Basketball Victoria have  also produced a Family Basketball Handbook Video. Click here to view the video.


rules & RegsWaverley Basketball Rules and Regulations

Waverly have produced a document of rules and regulations pertaining to the Junior Domestic competition.
Click here for Junior Domestic Competition Rules

Click here for the WBA New Rules



Official Basketball Rules

Waverley Basketball Association conducts all matches according to the rules as stated by FIBA, the worlds governing body of basketball.

For a copy of the official Basketball Rules book visit




Play by The Rules

Play By The RulesIs an External reference newsletter but offers many helpful tips for all members

Click on the image for the interactive brochure

Click here for the pdf version