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CMBC Piranhas Committee
A Management Committee elected from members with voting entitlements administers the Club:

Michael Saba         (President)                  : president@
Vacant Position   (Vice President)             : vp@
Phil Knight              (Secretary)                 : info@
Janette Sherman    (General Manager)    : gm@
Chris Eade              (Treasurer)                : treasurer@
Rachael Deason     (Coaching Admin)     : coaches_mgr@
Nicole                      (Uniform Co-ord)       : uniforms@
Peter O’Keeffe        (Comms Officer)        : tech@
Ali Fromberg           (Girls Teams Co-ord) : girlsteams@
Clark Randerson     (Marketing Officer)    : marketing@
Pat                          (Events Co-ord)

General and Membership Enquiries
Please fill in your details below:

Boys Team Coordinator
Peter O’Keeffe

Girls Team Coordinator
Ali Fromberg

Postal Address
Post Office Box 146,
Central Park VIC 3146

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