The Caulfield Malvern Basketball Club Inc. was formed in 1999 to develop basketball and to provide teams for boys and girls of all experience levels in all age groups. Whilst the club predominantly draws the majority of its membership from Caulfield, Malvern and Glen Iris, the club pro-actively supports youths from African communities who wish to play basketball. The club has approximately 450 playing members and fields teams in the Waverley Basketball Association domestic competition and also at representative level, in the Victorian Metropolitan Junior Basketball League. The club is administered by a management committee elected from and by adult members with voting entitlements according to the rules of the club.
  • CMBC is a non profit organisation operating under the name Piranhas Basketball.
  • Registered under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 No A0038045W.
  • ABN 26 161 605 655
  • Endorsed by the Waverley Basketball Association


Teams are selected by coaches and Age Coordinators according to age, skill levels and friendship groups.  The club does NOT grade players and encourages friends to play together, where appropriate.  All team selections are verified by the Girls or Boys Team Coordinators and the club will make the final decision.

Attendance at training

Regularly attending training and matches is a condition of membership.  The Club understands that there are religious, family, school and employment commitments that may affect attendance from time to time and expects maximum notice of unavailability to be given to the team coach.


All correspondence is emailed, either from the club or team managers.  This enables the club to keep a written record of all correspondence.  All relevant information can be found on the club’s website.  The club makes every effort to provide up to date information, it is the responsibility of families to ensure they are informed and read emails sent.

Piranhas Committee

A Management Committee elected from members with voting entitlements administers the Club:

President                   Peter O’Keeffe
Vice President           Josh Parisotto
Secretary                  Phil Knight
General Manager     Janette Sherman
Treasurer                 Chris Eade
Marketing & Partnerships Chintan Bharwada
Coaching Admin      Amy Eade
Uniform Co-ord        Janette Sherman
Communications  Sean Makin
Girls Teams Co-ord  Rachael Deason
Boys Teams Co-ord  Peter O’Keeffe
Registration Co-ord  Alli Fromberg