New Season Training Venues

Just a reminder of our training nights for the upcoming sumer 2017/2018 season.

Please refer to your final team selection for specific training times and venues relevant to your team as some exceptions may occur.

Monday AM & PM       Girls Teams
Tuesday AM & PM       Boys Teams
Wednesday AM & PM  Boys Teams
Thursday AM & PM      Boys Teams
Friday AM & PM           Girls and Boys Teams
Sunday AM                   Girls and Boys Teams, Junior Hoops Program


Summer 2017/2018 Piranhas Junior Hoops Program commencing 22/10

The Piranhas Junior Hoops program offers players an opportunity to acquire and develop new basketball skills.  No experience necessary.

The Summer 2017/2018 program is a 6 week program with 60 minute sessions each week for $50.00 for the entire program.

Session Details: 10:00 to 11:00am
Sunday 22/10
Sunday 29/10
Sunday 05/11
Sunday 12/11
Sunday 19/11
Sunday 26/11

Lloyd Street School, East Malvern gym

$50 for the 6 sessions

Click here for player registration


Long Service Awards

The Caulfield Malvern Basketball Club commends each of the following players for their acheivement and the contribution they have made to their teams and to the Club

300+ GAMES awarded to:

Kate Emerson Girls U18  Herring
Austin Saba Junior U18  Brighton

200+ GAMES awarded to:

Carla Costa Girls U16 Malvern Valley
Harry Dorevitch Junior U14 Prahran
Charlie Fox Junior U16 Hedgeley Dene
Josh Fromberg Junior U16 Balaclava
Sophie Glasser Girls U16 Malvern Valley
Sam Glasser Junior U16 Koornang Park
Olivia Huinink Girls U16 Malvern Valley
Nicholas Knight Junior U16 Koornang Park
Gabby Lidgerwood Girls U16 Serrell Park
Tia Matthews Girls U16 Herring
Lilli Soultanakis Girls U14 Serrell Park
James Stonier-Watson Junior U14 Glen Eira
Lily Tobin Girls U16 Serrell Park
Peter Tsekmes Junior U14 Koornang Park
Digby Walter Junior U16 Hedgeley Dene
Sam Way Junior U16 Koornang Park
Jade Wishart Girls U16 Serrell Park

100+ GAMES awarded to:

Olivia Andrew Girls U12 Gardenvale Park
Jamie Assimakopoulos Junior U12 Central Park
Patrick Aylward Junior U12 Central Park
Xavier Bamert Junior U12 Yarra Park
Jasmine Betts Girls U14 Grace Park
Joshua Burnett Junior U10 Ferndale Park
Holly Butcher Girls U14  Halley Park
Harry Byrne Junior U14  Centenary Park
Jack Byrne Junior U14 Wattle Grove
Finn Cahill Junior U14 Prahran
Nicholas Chambers Junior U12 Hawkesburn
Marcus Chow Junior U16 Balaclava
Lachlan Connolly Junior U14 Ardrie Park
Marcellus Costa Junior U12 Toorak Park
Mia Cowan Junior U16 Hedgeley Dene
Will Cregan Junior U12 Armadale
Hugh Davis Junior U10 Gardiners Creek
George de Bono Junior U14 Koornang Park
Joel Deason Junior U12 Central Park
Charlie Dowling Junior U12 Central Park
Georgia Duke Girls U12 Joyce Park
Jessica Duke Girls U12 Joyce Park
Harriet Duperouzel Girls U12 Cato Park
Clare Elliott Girls U16 Serrell Park
Oliver Finster Junior U12 Beckett Park
Lily Fromberg Girls U14 Kooyong Park
Annabelle Gillard Girls U14 Kooyong Park
Lachie Hartung Junior U14 Glen Eira
Cameron Hawkins Junior U12 Armadale
Connor Hodgson Junior U12 Toorak Park
Jemima Holder Girls U14 Darling Park
Tom Huinink Junior U12 Central Park
Ned Hume Junior U12 Hawkesburn
Simon Jaski Junior U12 Centenary Park
Joshua Jones Junior U10 Ferndale Park
Mia Kakoufas Girls U14 Grace Park
Sam Kakoufas Junior U12 Malvern
Orlando Kallen Junior U12 Burnley Park
Leo Kampf Junior U14 Ardrie Park
Ellie Kemp Girls U12 Cato Park
Francesca King Girls U16 Serrell Park
James Knowles Junior U16 Hedgeley Dene
Jack Kocolis Junior U12 Malvern
James Kourdoulos Junior U12 Armadale
Yiannis Kyritsis Junior U14 Ardrie Park
Triantos Kyritsis Junior U16 Balaclava
Angus Lawrentschuk Junior U12 Centenary Park
Hugo Lawrentschuk Junior U10 Gardiners Creek
Luke Lettas Junior U12 Central Park
Dare Lim Junior U12 Armadale
Noah Lippman Junior U12 Centenary Park
Max Lourens Junior U12 Malvern
Matthew Malizia Junior U14 Fawkner Park
Oliver Markovic Junior U12 Central Park
Kalan May Junior U14 Wattle Grove
Tim McLean Junior U16 Heywood Park
Joshua McVean Junior U12 Hawkesburn
Thomas Moffat Junior U12 Yarra Park
Edward Morganti Junior U12 Central Park
Bailey Mullen Junior U14 Koornang Park
Abbey Mullen Girls U12 Cato Park
Matthew Olynyk Junior U12 Malvern
Kai O’Neill Junior U12 Armadale
James Ouranios Junior U12 Malvern
Andrew Ouranios Junior U14 Glen Eira
Stirling Perrott Junior U12 Toorak Park
Luca Pool Junior U16 Heywood Park
Ruby Reddrop Girls U14 Darling Park
Douglas Reynolds Junior U14 Prahran
Amber Richardson Girls U12 Malvern East
Alex Roussos Junior U12 Malvern
Jack Russo Junior U14 Glen Eira
Luis Sari Junior U12 Central Park
Zoe Shaw Girls U12 Joyce Park
Lachlan Smith Junior U12 Yarra Park
Laura Sonnemann Girls U12 Joyce Park
Charlie Sonnemann Junior U14 Ardrie Park
Jed Soultanakis Junior U12 Yarra Park
Emily Sparrow Girls U12 Joyce Park
Archie Steedman Junior U12 Hawkesburn
George Strong Junior U12 Centenary Park
Georgia Swan Girls U12 Halley Park
Casper Tabain Junior U12 Central Park
Nathan Tavaria Junior U12 Yarra Park
Jordan Taylor-Wood Junior U18 Ormond
Jessica Taylor-Wood Girls U16 Serrell Park
Jasper Thornton Junior U12 Centenary Park
Oliver Toussaint Junior U12 Hawkesburn
Elissa Tsekmes Girls U12 Halley Park
Oliver van Bronswijk Junior U14 Wattle Park
Angel Vertkas Girls U16 Herring
Zac Waddington Junior U12 Burnley Park
Finn Willis Junior U12 Yarra Park
Logan Wilson Junior U12 Malvern
Fraser Wilson Junior U14 Wattle Grove
Genevieve Woolrich Girls U12 Cato Park
Nathaniel Woolrich Junior U14 Wattle Grove
Angus Yeoh Junior U10 Ferndale Park

Congratulations to our Winter 2017 Premiership Teams

Congratulations to the following junior teams who have won grand finals for the Winter 2017 season.

We also have 3 x U14-U18 girls teams playing in their grandfinal tomorrow night 19/09. We wish them all the success for their games.

U10 Girls
Boyd Park Piranhas (Section 1/2)
Como Park Piranhas (Section 5)

U12 Girls
Malvern East Piranhas, winners over Cato Park Piranhas (Section 1/2)

U10 Juniors
Packer Park Piranhas (Section 3)
Phoenix Park Piranhas (Section 7)

U14 Junior teams
Prahran Piranhas (Section 6)
South East Piranhas (Section 1)

U14 Girls
Darling Park (Section 4)

U16 Juniors
Balaclava Piranhas (Section 3)

U18 Juniors
Brighton Piranhas (Section 3)

U18 Girls
Caulfield (Section 1)